The mission of Yeshua.org is to share biblical truth and proof that identifies Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah.

What People Are Saying

“Powerful… I Love it!” – W. Cesmat “I think you’re on to something.” – T. Albertson


The ideas behind this site were conceived in the Spring of 2011 by two guys, one Gentile and one Jew, who are nobodies who are willing to do their part to tell everyone about someone who can save anyone.  The evidence of an unseen yet very real third hand has been apparent from the beginning.


Though the opinions and views of the writer’s / contributors may differ in some regards, each are in agreement with the Yeshua.org Statement of Faith. Other than agreement with the Yeshua.org Statement of Faith, the views of the writers / contributors do not necessarily represent the views of Yeshua.org

Statement of Faith

Yeshua.org affirms the following:

  • The doctrine of the Trinity.
  • The death, burial, and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Salvation by grace, through faith.
  • The authority and divine inspiration of Scripture, including miraculous accounts, which in our time may include entirely un-sensational and ordinary events.
  • A coming Judgment Day, accomplished with the Second Coming of Christ, who will appear in his own time, and in his own way.