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UNESCO MADNESS: U.N. Branch Recognizes ‘Palestine’, Then Loses American Funding

Beer Sheba National Park World Heritage Site

Almost entirely under the news radar, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has voted to deem a geographically undefined ‘Palestine’ worthy of becoming a full member state, on the basis of its supposedly rich cultural heritage.  This vote, which passed by an overwhelming majority against the will of the United States, triggers a law that requires the US to defund UNESCO on the basis that, any organization supporting the PLO must be cut off financially.  As a result, the hammer has fallen on UNESCO. Read More


The Historical Record

Stop Apartheid!

OK, that title got you reading, so what I really mean is “Stop (with the) Apartheid (rhetoric already)!”. This morning I counter-demonstrated against a group protesting against Israel, and they had “Apartheid” boldly on display. Now, I admit I can be a stickler for words (I am, after all, an author and blogger), maybe even a little OC about them at times. But my thing with “apartheid” is not nitpicking. This is strategic rhetoric designed to invalidate Israel as a Jewish state. Read More