Yeshua Who?

On Palm Sunday, Yeshua Revealed Himself as Messiah

Palm Sunday, Yeshua Messiah Revealed

Today is Palm Sunday, which marks the precise day that Yeshua was prophesied to reveal himself as Israel's Messiah by riding into Jerusalem on a young donkey.
The crowds recognized their Messiah, shouting "Hosanna!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"  as they waved palm branches before laying them on the ground in front of their king. Read More


Yeshua Who?

Truth, Half-Truths and Lies: “Christ at the Checkpoint” anti-Israel Conference

Palestinian Christians and Zionism
For as long as I can remember, the Middle East has been in turmoil. Arabs and Jews appear to have been at each other's throats since the day Israel was reborn as a modern nation in May of 1948 (that very day also being known as “al-Nakba” or “the Catastrophe” in the Islamic culture). Read More

Yeshua Who?

Messiah Yeshua and Hanukkah are Connected!

Jewish Menorah Yeshua and Hanukkah

The holiday of Hanukkah, also known as The Feast of Dedication or Feast of the Maccabees begins tonight at sundown.

This holiday is a man-made holiday, not a feast day ordained by God, so it is not mentioned in the Jewish bible; the Torah, the Haftorah or Tanakh, but is celebrated by Jews around the world.  Hanukkah is a sequence of 8 days set aside to praise and thank God for his faithfulness and miraculous power.  The celebration is remembering a victory of the Jews over the Greko/Syrians in 165 B.C.  by the retaking and re-dedication of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.  The highlight of Hanukkah is known as the Miracle of Lights which involves the large 7-branch menorah in the temple.  Read More


Yeshua Who?

What Does Yeshua Mean?

Yeshua is a name that means 'Salvation' in Hebrew.

Who is Yeshua?  Yeshua is the same as Jesus Christ of the New Testament Bible, and the same as the Messiah which was prophesied to come through the Jewish people over and again in the Old Testament Bible which is known as the Tanakh to the Jews. Read More


Yeshua Who?

Matthew 24 is for the Jews

4 horsemen of the Apocalypse

It's a sad fact that many people who read the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 will make the assumption that this is referring to the Church at the close of this age in some way. I’ve heard Pastors and Teachers preach and teach that this is about the Church in their sermons. But that is not the correct view; in the light of the historical facts, and timing for this portion of scripture. The very thing many people miss right off is there was no New Testament Church when Yeshua gave the Olivet Discourse! That’s right, there was no New Testament at the time Yeshua spoke those words. And it is not some unknowable riddle as to what Matthew 24 is showing, once you realize this time period is showing, the Tribulation, and (then) the setting up of the coming earthly Kingdom for Israel. May your heart be swift to hear and understand just how absent the Church is in Matthew 24! Read More